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Clear and Concise with Our White Paper Writing Service

White paper writing is a very high-profile assignment that cannot be assigned to just any technical content writer. In order to ensure success you should employ a copywriting service with the proofreading feature that would be professional in its treatment of the assignment. Luckily for you, BusinessThePensters is one of such services.

Some Examples of What Our Writers Can Do

No matter what type of business papers you want us to write, BusinessThePensters is always eager to provide its clients with all the help they may need!

Your Problem Our Solution
I want an essay, resume or blog to be written in a particular format. We are sure to have a copywriter familiar with the format in question.
I need a dissertation sample that will be delivered on time for me before I start my own research. We can provide you with writing samples on any topic you choose from our experienced ghostwriter.
I need a web article template as a basis for a number of independent texts. Our freelance copywriters are well-versed in many different areas of expertise, template writing being one of them.
I want my SEO copy to be completely original. Our anti-plagiarism software make presence of copy/paste almost unthinkable.
I want a number of college essays written in a very limited stretch of time. Our writers are used to work quickly.

Whether you need marketing texts for your website or something entirely different, BusinessThePensters will always be there for you!

Why BusinessThePensters Is a Good Choice for Custom Writing Purposes

If you’ve dealt with writing services and websites in the past, you know their usual selling points:

  • round-the-clock availability;
  • customer support that is always online;
  • no plagiarism under any circumstances;
  • refund policy;
  • free revisions until the customer is satisfied with the jobs;
  • an option to pay for large orders in instalments.

BusinessThePensters has everything they have to offer, and then some:

  • You choose the writer on your own. You know what is needed for your assignment, so you will do a better job of it.
  • You talk to your writer. If you need to exchange a word or two with your writer, we are only too happy to oblige.
  • It is you who decides whether the assignment is ready or not. Get as many revisions as necessary.
  • You won’t overspend. BusinessThePensters is always fair in its pricing policies.

How We Work: an Example

If you are curious how we work on our projects, here is a short description.

  • Step 1. The client leaves an order for a particular piece of writing, for example, an advertising article or thesis paper.
  • Step 2. Our advertising and marketing specialists study the order and place bids with their conditions and suggestions.
  • Step 3. The client looks through their track records and chooses the writer that seems to be the best choice under the circumstances.

Obviously, it is easy, quick and doesn’t require a lot of effort on the client’s side.

If you are still worried about qualifications of our writers, let us relieve your tension.

  1. We are very selective. When a writer expresses a wish to work for BusinessThePensters, they first have to pass a number of tests, write test articles on the chosen subjects and in general prove their ability to meet our expectations.
  2. Our clients constantly reevaluate the writers. Writer’s rating you may see in every author’s profile is based on the marks given to them for every order completed to this date.

We at BusinessThePensters put the interests of our clients first and foremost. It doesn’t matter how difficult your task is, when it is due and what your specific requirements are – our writers will do their best to provide you exactly with the writing you need.