Rating and awards

At ThePensters.com, we employ writers who specialize in different fields and disciplines. Yet, sometimes, just knowing the writer's specialty is not enough to make a choice when you have several writers bidding for your order. We have, therefore, introduced the rating system so that all our customers can rate the writers with whom they have worked and the awards system, so that all writers’ achievements are acknowledged. Both these innovations are aimed at making it easier for our customers to select the writer who will be able to produce excellent paper for them. What each award means and how ratings are calculated is explained in more detail below:

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A rating is an average grade received from all the customers with whom the writer has worked. Every client, as the final step when approving an order and finalizing a payment, is required to rate his or her writer. The rating, graded on a scale from 1 to 10, is supported by comments. Using this method, a writer may have received good ratings from all but one customer. By reading the comments section on the writer's profile, you are able to see the reason for the low rating and therefore, be in a position to ascertain whether or not this writer will suit your requirements.

On the Our Top Writers page, we have a combined list of top-rated writers with their awards and the number of completed orders listed next to each writer's nickname. The list is updated with every new order, so the information is always current.


The awards system was established to distinguish those writers who are able to work productively and, at the same time, maintain the best quality for every single paper they produce. Although the awards are granted on a permanent basis, the writer can receive the same award several times. The number of times will be indicated when you point at the awards sign.

Triple Ten is granted to a writer who completes 10 orders within the period of 10 days and receives the maximum rating for all of them (10 out of 10).

Nine Plus is granted to a writer who has completed more than 5 orders and currently holds a rating of 9.0 or higher.

Proven Punctuality is granted to a writer who completes 15+ orders (rated 8.0 or higher) within the period of 30 days and the index of orders delivered on time constitutes 80% or more.

Proven Reliability is granted to a writer who completes 15+ orders (rated 8.0 or higher), within the period of 30 days and the index of orders canceled both by the writer and their customers constitutes not more than 3%.

The Writer of the Month award is granted on an individual basis for outstanding performance according to customer feedback, on-time delivery rates, the number of returning customers, and other criteria.

The Newcomer of the Month award is granted individually to new writers, based on the number of orders completed and customer's feedback, received within the first month of work. The award is granted temporarily for a period of one month.

The Customer Loyalty award is granted when a writer has over 20% of returning customers in respect to all customers he or she has worked for (starting with 10 return customers in total).