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Writers earned   October - December 2014
Category Writer Earned Orders completed Pages
English as a native language ENL ID 186**9 $5,024.63 109 347
ID 15**9 $4,376.27 73 326
English as a second language writers ESL ID 184**5 $3,056.33 106 300
ID 22**2 $1,797.70 52 227
61% of our writers are working with us for more than 1 year!
Currently available orders: 52
Total fees offered: $4545
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Discipline Deadline Pages Cost
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) 5h 0 $5,5
Geography 3d 2h 2 $22
Engineering 7d 2 $51,6
Political Economy 6d 2h 6 $154,32
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Freelance Writer - JasonTaylor
JasonTaylor 3 months with Thepensters.com The underrated simplicity of having a time for solace and stillness is afforded as a freelance writer and this type of intangible economics is splendidly rewarding, for me personally. Additionally, it just so happens that this relished quiet time happens to be my favorite span of the day where creative stimuli just seems to emanate so easily in my writing. This combination of not having to battle to commute in traffic, while being able to do what I absolutely love in writing, while concurrently allowing this needed creative outlet and refuge has left me at awe at how I used to do things, professionally. Everyone wants to find that place where they love their work, while having time for family. I somehow stumbled upon that specific 'sweet spot' professionally, and I've absolutely loved every minute of it since!
Freelance Writer - WriterJedi
WriterJedi 3 months with Thepensters.com A freelancer’s job has many benefits. Flexible hours and unlimited income potential are among the many benefits of freelance writing. On the other hand, finding work is sometimes grueling, and dealing with tracking payments from customers is stressful. ThePensters protects writers by tracking sections of work that has been completed, allowing the writer and client to focus on the assignments. Work always seems available; therefore, if you love to write, like me, jobs are available. On the other hand, if you need a break, you can slow down and not write much. The best part of working for ThePensters is that you help clients with sometimes challenging assignments and those with time constraints to achieve educational goals. I love to learn. Writing for ThePensters is like being paid to go to college and obtaining many degrees.
Freelance Writer - kincheloe100
kincheloe100 1 year 9 months with Thepensters.com I have been working with ThePensters for almost two years as a full time job. ThePensters has given me the opportunity to grow into a respected freelance writer. I am grateful for this site. The support team is always available, 24 hours a day, to answer any query. Plus, the support team is friendly and understanding when providing assistance. The site pays well, plus we are able to select the jobs we are confident in doing. I would recommend this site to any person wishing to try freelance writing. This is the best site ever for freelancers!
Freelance Writer - thegreenwriter315
thegreenwriter315 4 months with Thepensters.com One of my favorite things about being a freelance writer is the fact that you get to set your own hours. You can make you work schedule as busy or "laid-back" as you like. It is also a luxury to get paid what you deserve for your work. Many times before working for this company, I got paid only a few dollars for jobs that took me 12 or more hours to complete, and they were not the best communicators. This company values your experience and knowledge! (In my case, I've written over 400 essays and articles online alone) I would definitely recommend this job for anyone wanting to have constant work with a team that has your back.
Freelance Writer - Enlighten
Enlighten 4 months with Thepensters.com ThePensters has an excellent messaging system that provides timely information on the jobs available in my areas of specialization, and advice relating to customer requests while I am on the go. The company’s customer-based rating system keeps me highly motivated, as the system allows customers to provide feedback as I write on the text pad and at the end of every job. Progress payments on jobs before they are completed also provide additional motivation for me to complete my jobs and to continue writing papers. Additionally, the luxury of working from home or anywhere allows me flexibility in setting my schedule and is convenient when I have to travel abroad. The opportunity to work for people all over the world allows me to keep abreast of what many educational institutions around the world are doing in my areas of interest, and gives me the opportunity to hone my skills. Furthermore, the convenience of several payment options and being paid twice per month keeps me working up to the point where the fund request window closes for each pay period and this allows me to maximize my earnings. To top it all, the fact that customers choose who they want to write for them motivates me to maintain my A-game at all times.
Freelance Writer - asperider
asperider 1 year and 4 months with Thepensters.com Having spent a year with thepensters.com, I have not only built my profile as a professional writer, but this site has also helped me gather knowledge from diversified and dynamic subjects. Over the period of a year with thepensters.com, I have added some new skills in my professional writing profile, ranging from writing a recommendation for a college graduate to a literature review for a dissertation. I would recommend this site for every professional writer who is innovative, dynamic, diversified and courageous enough to work on challenging topics with patience and resilience. Also, this site is great for building one's writing profile, which can be proudly referred to at any forum for academic writing. Without any exaggeration, I can say that this has been the most enjoyable site to work with and the site that has offered the best payment rates.
Freelance Writer - KsushaH
KsushaH 6 months with Thepensters.com I became a team member of Thepensters.com only 6 months ago. At that time, I had a full-time job, which I did not like, because of the low wage, schedule, and other reasons. Thepensters.com showed me another way of living. Now, my work schedule depends on my mood and desires. I apply for the orders I can do and and the orders I am interested in. I communicate with wonderful people all over the world via live chat. I have plenty of time to spend with my family and friends. And moreover, I receive a fair wage for being a part of the Thepensters.com team.
Freelance Writer - catsndogs
catsndogs 1 year and 4 months with Thepensters.com The bidding system on this site makes a difference, and that is the reason I left the last company I worked for. It offers complete freedom on what paper to write, how much money to charge; and the most important thing is that I can communicate with my clients directly without a third person’s involvement. That helps in understanding their requirements properly, and to make their papers exactly how they want it. Now, I got so many returning clients, which is awesome. The rating system helped me to build my own image in the minds of my prospective clients. The best part is the support team. outstanding in regard to cooperating and understanding us. I believe that, “If you are the best, you deserve the best.” The only thing that matters is my job experience, and that is awesome.
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